Stage One Theatre presents

A CHRISTMAS CAROL - A seasonal burlesque

Stage One Theatre Emba Paphos

26, 27, 28 November & 3, 4, 5 December 7.30pm

Tickets: €12 / €6 (under 12)

Box Office: Email: Tel: 99967737 (from 11 November 10am – 1pm) The Box Office at the theatre opens Monday and Friday only, 10am – 12 noon.


Stage One is pleased to present our first post-lockdown production. It is a broad comic interpretation of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol written by Doug Craig and Adrian Waygood. All the characters of the classic story are there but maybe not quite as you expect them – but the excitement and message of the original tale are still paramount and Scrooge is taken on the journey which will show him the error of his ways. Due to the current restrictions the production will feature only 6 actors although there are some 24 characters so be prepared for some amazing transformations – height, width, gender number of limbs – all no problem to our team of experienced and surgically enhanced actors. The whole production both on and off stage is totally compliant with Covid 19 rules and regulations and as such there will be no interval or refreshments provided. We will ask you to wear masks coming into and leaving the theatre but otherwise, when seated, they can be removed. Our experienced Front of House team will look after your safety and do everything they can to ensure your comfort. Do support the live arts at this difficult time and get your Christmas off to a really good festive start, by coming to see this unique production. Stage One Theatre presents four productions each year, has a members evening with various activities monthly. They welcome people with acting or technical abilities in sound and lighting or are willing to learn those skills. Help to keep live theatre in Paphos. Info: Caroline on 26911641.

Directions: The theatre is located in the main street, Nikolaou Ellina and has no dedicated parking. However, there is permitted parking within a short distance near the Old Church and in the other direction at the Karate Club. STAGE ONE THEATRE, Nikolaou Ellina Street, Emba, Paphos.


Friday 27 November 4.30pm & 7pm

Markideion Theatre Paphos

Tickets: €25, €35, €45 - 20% discount for under 12 years olds

Box Office:


Welcome to the original author’s project combining unusual fairy-tale stories and all sorts of tricks with balloons and balls! For you and your kids - bright, dynamic, modern, magically colourful, and interactive musical show! This is why the show will be interesting to both children and adults. Funny Balls Show is a bright theatrical show which uses more than 2000 balloons. This fairy story began when the great inflatable ruler of the Balloon Kingdom King Balloon issued a royal decree! The trophy of the royal competition - is the hand and heart of the King’s daughter, Princess Ballotta! The smartest, the most beautiful, and the best master of blowing balloons will become a royal son-in-law, and also get a half-kingdom in addition! All the inhabitants of the inflatable city are fighting for the heart of the beautiful Princess Ballotta! Even the main villain of the kingdom, Monsieur FlimmFlammer decided to participate in the contest, presenting the dragon's head to the royal court! In general, the whole kingdom is actively preparing for a balloon-wedding! Princess Ballotta dreams to fly as far as possible from the walls of the kingdom and see a big inflatable world! As you know, if you really want something, everything will come true! So, the Princess Ballotta decided to fly out of the castle, see the world, and also get acquainted with the unusual resident of the neighbouring glowing kingdom - Mr. Lumière, who masterfully manages the glowing balloons. Will the princess return to the inflatable kingdom? Will the wedding take place? And will the evil be blown before the power of good? The answers to these questions are known only to the inhabitants of the inflatable kingdom, where we invite you with great pleasure!

Directions: The theatre is next to the Karavella bus station in the upper town, just off the Polis Road behind the petrol station. MARKIDEION MUNICIPAL THEATRE OF PAPHOS, 27 Andrea Geroudi Street, Paphos. Tel: 26222286.